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I consigli della regia

Last Update: 9/20/2009 10:06 PM
9/20/2009 10:06 PM
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i suggerimenti che appaiono nel gioco nelle fasi di caricamento
1 - Cover the flanks and rear of your army, support one unit with another, and you will not know defeat

2 - Moving faster and fighting longer will make your soldiers
draw their swords less frequently and with weaker effects

3 - The strength of the enemy cavalry lies in manoeuvring. Immobilize it and victory will be yours.

4 - The strike of a galloping cavalry is similar to a sledgehammer
striking metal. However, just like a sledgehammer strike needs
momentum, so does a cavalry need manoeuvring to strike

5 - The cavalry is a great choice for circling enemies. It can
move around the enemy formation quickly and strike on the flanks
or rear. However, a skillful opponent will be prepared for it

6 - Victory may be achieved not only by using cavalry and
pikemen, but also a hill or river

7 - After suffering considerable losses, even a strong unit
can be defeated by a weaker enemy

8 - Witnessing the death of enemies, soldiers become inspired;
witnessing the death of their allies, they collapse

8 - Cowardly troops die better than they fight

9 - The presence of a commander nearby inspires soldiers

10 - The sound of the commander's battle horn increases units' morale
and is able to prevent them from scattering

11 - Soldiers witnessing the death of their commander
may have a significant decrease in courage

12 - A weak person is forced to stay alert at all times.
A strong one forces someone else to be constantly alert

13 - If one's forward progress is stopped by an obstacle, he will become a loser. If one bypasses the obstacle, he becomes a winner

14 - When cornering an enemy, leave him
a small opportunity to retreat. Remember the old adage: a desperate
man will fight like a trapped animal

15 - Every commander must remember that as a snowflake
can start an avalanche, one unit's panic can lead to the flight of the whole army

16 - Greater results may come from a temporary retreat than a
desperate rush. The trick is to keep the retreat temporary, for
a permanent one does not bode well

17 - There is no reason to send tired troops into battle.
If it is possible, move them out of the action and let
them catch their breath before joining the fight

18 - A wise commander always keeps reserves at hand.

20 - Your reserves may become assets but you have to
use them carefully. By keeping them behind other units, they can
act as shields or cover flanks, but can also be exploited
and create a breach in your defenses. Though limited, their offensive
abilities can also serve well in critical situations

21 - Weary and haggard soldiers sometimes become
heroes, but more often - cowards and corpses

22 - Victory may be achieved long before the last enemy
has perished. Overcome a part of the enemy's army
making sure its other soldiers can witness it and you'll break their spirit

23 - Beginning a battle with a full frontal assault will
prevent any further manoeuvring. Victory may still be possible
but the cost to your army will be great.

24 - A manoeuvre leads to an attack, which in turn generates another manoeuvre. Knowing this turns an army into a practically invincible entity and allows one to toy with the enemy.

25 - When manoeuvring to pass by an enemy, try to position
your moving troops so that the enemy will only see them as
they fall to the ground from their deadly strikes

26 - Attacking an enemy that stays immobile like a monolith, you may
break the crown off your head. Create confusion, provoke disarray and then attack and soon you will turn each of its stones into dust

27 - If you cannot find any openings to attack
an enemy, use manoeuvres to try to reveal its weak point

28 - By holding a steady position like an adamantine rock and performing blazing
counterattacks, you can defeat a great army

29 - Force your enemy to engage in battle when the situation is most favorable for your
troops and even he will call you a great warrior

"Per tutto il tempo che ho vissuto ho bevuto con piacere , bevete dunque voi che vivete" dal monumento funebre di un legionario
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