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Problema pls aiuto

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RTW: Barbarian Invasion Unit Details spreadsheet-generated unit descriptions
;Data entries are as follows
; Type The internal name of the unit. Note this not necessarily the same as the on screen name
; dictionary The tag used to look up the on screen name
;Category and class define the rough type of the unit. They're used for setting some default attributes and for
;determining where units go in formation amongst other things such as tags to support AI army formation
; category infantry, cavalry, siege, handler, ship or non_combatant
; class light, heavy, missile or spearmen
; voice_type Used to determine the type of voice used by the unit
; soldier Name of the soldier model to use (from descr_models_battle.txt)
; followed by the number of ordinary soldiers in the unit
; followed by the number of extras (pigs dogs, elephants, chariots artillery pieces etc attached to the unit)
; followed by the collision mass of the men. 1.0 is normal. [Only applies to infantry]
; officer Name of officer model. There may be up to 0-3 officer lines per unit
; ship Type of ship used if applicable
; engine Type of siege engine used by unit
; animal The type of (non ridden) animals used by the unit
; mount Type of animal or vehicle ridden on
; mount_effect Factors to add when in combat against enemy units that have the specified mounts
; Up to three factors may be specified, which may be classes of mount, or specific types
; attributes A miscellanious list of attributes and abilities the unit may have. Including
; sea_faring = can board ships; can_swim = can swim across rivers
; hide_forest, hide_improved_forest, hide_long_grass, hide_anywhere = defines where the unit can hide
; can_sap = Can dig tunnels under walls
; frighten_foot, frighten_mounted = Cause fear to certain nearby unit types
; can_run_amok = Unit may go out of control when riders lose control of animals
; general_unit = The unit can be used for a named character's bodyguard
; cantabrian_circle = The unit has this special ability
; no_custom = The unit may not be selected in custom battles
; command = The unit carries a legionary eagle, and gives bonuses to nearby units
; mercenary_unit = The unit is s mercenary unit available to all factions
; formation soldier spacing (in metres) side to side, then front to back for close formation
; followed by the same measurements in loose formation.
; followed by the default number of ranks for the unit
; followed by the formations possible for the unit. One or two of
; square, horde, schiltrom, shield_wall, phalanx, testudo, or wedge
; stat_health Hit points of man, followed by hit points of mount or attached animal (if applicable)
; Ridden horses and camels do not have separate hit points
;Details of unit's primary weapon. If the unit has a missile weapon it must be the primary
; stat_pri From left to right
; attack factor
; attack bonus factor if charging
; missile type fired (no if not a missile weapon type)
; range of missile
; amount of missile ammunition per man
; Weapon type = melee, thrown, missile, or siege_missile
; Tech type = simple, other, blade, archery or siege
; Damage type = piercing, blunt, slashing or fire. (I don't think this is used anymore)
; Sound type when weapon hits = none, knife, mace, axe, sword, or spear
; Min delay between attacks (in 1/10th of a second)
; stat_pri_attr
; primary weapon attributes any or all of
; ap = armour piercing. Only counts half of target's armour
; bp = body piercing. Missile can pass through men and hit those behind
; spear = Used for long spears. Gives bonuses fighting cavalry, and penalties against infantry
; long_pike = Use very long pikes. Phalanx capable units only
; short_pike = Use shorter than normal spears.
; prec = Missile weapon is only thrown/ fired just before charging into combat
; thrown = The missile type if thrown rather than fired
; launching = attack may throw target men into the air
; area = attack affects an area, not just one man
; spear & light_spear = The unit when braced has various protecting mechanisms versus cavalry charges from the front
; spear_bonus_x = attack bonus against cavalry. x = 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12
;Details of secondary weapons. If the unit rides on, or has attached animals or vehicles
;then the secondary weapon details refer to their attacks. If the unit has missile weapons
;the secondary weapon will be the one used for melee
;If the unit has a primary melee weapon, it may have a secondary side arm
; stat_sec As per stat_pri (a value of no means no secondary weapon)
; stat_sec_attr As per stat_pri_attr
; stat_pri_armour Details of the man's defences
; armour factor
; defensive skill factor (not used when shot at)
; shield factor (only used for attacks from the front of left)
; sound type when hit = flesh, leather, or metal
; stat_sec_armour Details of animal's or vehicle's defenses (note riden horses do not have a separate defence)
; As per stat_pri_armour, except that the shield entry is ommited
; stat_heat Extra fatigue suffered by the unit in hot climates
; stat_ground Combat modifiers on different ground types. From left to right
; scrub, sand, forest, snow
; stat_mental The base morale level, followed by discipline and training
; discipline may be normal, low, disciplined or impetuous. Impetuous units may charge without orders
; training determines how tidy the unit's formation is. Discipline the response to morale SHOCKS
; stat_charge_distance Distance from the enemy that the unit will begin charging
; stat_fire_delay Extra delay over that imposed by animation, hetween volleys
; stat_food No longer used
; stat_cost Number of turns to build,
; Cost of unit to construct
; Cost of upkeep
; Cost of upgrading weapons
; Cost of upgrading armour
; Cost for custom battles
; stat_ownership List of factions and cultures that may have this unit
si l'ho modificato io [SM=x535718]
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